Curacao Industrial Diving provides a full range of services including above water marine-related works. Our services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Underwater Classification Surveys
  • Underwater Inspection Surveys
  • Underwater Video/ Photography Coverage
  • Underwater Construction Work
  • Underwater Welding and Cutting
  • Underwater Concrete Applications
  • Underwater Search, Salvage and Recovery
  • Underwater Consulting
  • Vessel Pre- dry docking Services
  • Vessel Hull, Propeller and Shaft Cleaning
  • General Ship Repairs (above water)
  • Metal Thickness Measurements
  • Mooring Anchors/Installations
  • Vinyl Sheet Piles
  • Splash Pro Pile Protection
  • On board riding squad provider for seagoing ship repairs
  • Cargo tank repairs
  • All underwater repairs including dry box repairs

The Company also undertakes the Professional Installation of:

  • Denso USA a registered trademark of Central Plastics Company, Shawnee OK, USA
  • Manta Ray Marine Anchor Systems, a registered trademark of Foresight Products Inc

If a particular project requires extra personnel or specific expertise then we are able to
contract in high quality labour who are personally vetted by Senior Management. We are
also able to provide Class approved surface and underwater welders.